are dalmatians good with kids

As such, you may want to teach your children “proper behavior” around the dog. Energetic, this breed loves to run with the kids all day long and snuggle with them at night. The best thing you can do is teach your dog not to jump as soon as possible. Also I want to add that socialization is more than just dogs interacting. The Dalmatian is rumored to have come from Dalmatia, off the coast of Austria. Calm, docile, affectionate, and very gentle with children, the Dalmatian is a wonderful pet. }. Disney. The friendly and playful nature of the Dalmatian makes them great playmates for older kids. Other pros of owning a Dalmatian include the breed's innate affinity with horses. Steve Dalmatians are known to not always respond very well. Then Disney came along and portrayed Dalmatians in cartoons and movies, sealing the fame of Dalmatians as beautiful, but a bit naughty, dogs. This can be very painful. We cannot have a dog with long hair or lots of oil. Back in the days, If you saw one of these stunning animals, you were sure that the carriage would have followed shortly. Considerations: As with any dog, no two are the same. This is in their nature. When a Dalmatians comes new into your house you want him to feel comfortable in his new home and with his new family as soon as possible. Though, the same reaction can often be shown towards the much larger child. As such, these dogs were crucial to the wealthy and trade merchants. Kids can have the best time playing with these furry friends, but even the sweetest amongst them can have sudden movements around dogs, put an arm around his neck or hug him. So, are Dalmatians good with kids? They're patient and generally good with children, too. Calmness and a leveled head is the best way to be around Dalmatians, and avoid to trigger the sudden reactions that negatively bias them and their reputation. Dalmatians can become angry after being hit. Other things that Dalmatians don’t like are ear and tale tugging. A dog is for the entire family and you, as a parent, always have the final responsibility. Dalmatians are very agile, athletic, and versatile. It may look okay in the beginning, Dalmatians are very patient dogs, but up to a point. As a parent, it is your responsibility to teach your children how to behave around your dog. Even if your Dalmatian is the sweetest dog in the world, their active personalities may lead the dog to unintentionally knock over a small kid. To answer the question “are Dalmatians good with kids?” They can be the ideal pet for children when given proper obedience and socialization training. Puppies and young Dalmatians can get enthusiast while playing and can get a little too rough for the little ones. When it comes to loyalty, few dogs are as devoted as the Dalmatian. The high-energy dog can knock over small children and get overly excited in play. 101 Dalmatians hurt the breed. Meet this affectionate, energetic breed! As most of them are fairly quiet dogs, growling and/or directed barking may be a sign that they aren’t too happy and shouldn’t be bothered. Dalmatians usually do well with other pets, cats included, but all parties to the arrangement need proper socialization. According to the ATTS, they have one of the best passing rates (83.3%) for temperaments. Small children should always have adult supervision when playing with ANY dog. However, because of these very same instincts, they can become a little over-protective and or possessive without proper socialization. It’s advisable to always supervise a dog when around smaller children. Yes, Dalmatians were originally bred for protection and guarding. Bored Dalmatians can make a shambles of your house and yard. It’s no secret that Disney’s 101 Dalmatians ( both versions) were immensely popular with families of all varieties. Adaptability: Dalmatians adapt very well to lifestyle changes and basically all living environments. Out of 359 Dalmatians that were tested since 1977, 299 passed with flying colors. The consequence is big breeding farms where puppies are bred for sale often with poor or even without proper obedience and socialization training. So, 83% of Dalmatians were calm in the face of unpredictability, which kids often are.  =  The last piece of advice would be to give your dog a safe place. The negative bias towards Dalmatians continues nowadays. When they’re with family, their clownish side really comes out. This is where the command sit can help you. The safe place can be a dog’s crate, bed or mat. Very small children and babies are difficult to understand for a dog. You as an adult can give a short hug and if your dog’s reaction is a good one then give him a small treat. If the home includes horses, even better; the Dalmatian has a symbiotic relationship with horses. Dalmatians are very kind dogs by nature and seem to have an affinity with children although it would be fair to say they are better suited to households where the kids are that much older rather toddlers. ten There will be three highly trained judges on the field with them, giving them a pass or fail result. Not all dogs respond well to rough play. Your children might get so enthusiast they want to bring over their friends and have them meet with your dog. Performing your exercise in an environment without distractions for your dog is a good thing. When he does listen, reward him by petting him or giving him a small treat. Dalmatians are loyal and faithful animals, and very good with children. Dalmatians can run for miles alongside carriages no problem. If you want to know just how smart Dalmatians are, the best way is to ask real owners. Dalmatians are no exception. Dalmatians shed only once a year – for 365 days. In a way, they’re like the canine version of children: always wanting to have fun and enthusiastic about life. According to Stanley Coren, a renowned canine psychologist, the Dalmatian breed is above average intelligent. The answer is generally yes, but it depends on three things. Always introduce your new puppy in a positive way to your children. It’s why Dalmatians are one of our favorite breeds for kids. It is what they were created for hundreds of years ago. Do train him to stay along with you. With that said, after shooting the first picture in today's blog, I can share that Rouge does not look the least bit overwhelmed by her new found playmate. In a way, they’re very much like children: energetic, fun-loving and spirited. Not everyone likes this behavior and it might scare children. You might get discouraged if you try yourself first. We have 3 little kids ages 7,3,2. Sadly, due to poor husbandry and puppy farmers, many dalmatians don’t get this ideal start. Other pros of owning a Dalmatian include the breed's innate affinity with horses. The dog's basic disposition, how it is socialized as a puppy, and how it is raised by it's new owners. They're great dogs, and when socialized properly are friendly, but they aren't very accepting- for example, a curious toddler or small kid pulling on their tail would most likely result in a growl, whereas a curious kid pulling on a … His courtesy never fails with approved visitors, but his protective instinct is highly developed. Not all dogs of the breed will be the same either. Since they are a distinctive looking breed which has starred in several movies, most kids can identify them and since they are relatively rare, get very excited about seeing one in real life. We love to walk together and now I want to share what I learned about walking dogs and what I learned about dog gear with you. The AKC describes the breed as stable and dignified with possible shyness. Teach your kids not to touch Dog’s toys if they have. Anyone have a Dalmatian? Service Dog: This breed makes good as a service dog. Teach your dog the basic commands like sit and down, so you will be able to refrain him and teach how to behave around kids. I think this is true for all dog breeds. Parks are usually a great place to start! Parents with small children (under 6 years) should be aware that dals can be very exuberant and can accidentally knock down a child. Puppies and young dogs that have had good experiences with children will have no problems meeting yours. Child Friendly: Dalmatians are very kid-friendly dogs. Let us know your experience in the comments section below! Also, Dalmations are not very good with kids. So a quiet dog, such as a Dalmatian, wouldn’t likely wake up the baby. When you walk by the door and you see your dog wants to jump on you or is jumping, use the command sit to have him stop jumping. Cons of owning a … “But I’ve trained bullmastiffs that would run and hide if they don’t know someone. Do this during outside walks and you have a win/win… Movement is essential for a Dalmatian. Even so, there’s a lot you can gather on a Dalmatian’s kid-friendliness from the breed’s overall dog temperament test. Another great way to lose extra energy is by involving his brain in activities. And according to the American Temperament Test Society, Dalmatians scored a 83.3% passing rate – right around average rate. However, a self-confident Bernese Mountain Dog will require proper socialization in its puppyhood. When they get excited, you’ll be either pushed over, jumped on or wrapped tightly in a leash. Dalmatians have a high energy level. Richard has been raising dogs his whole life, including a Poodle, Pomeranian, Corgi and Australian Shepherd. If your dog is socialized too late in his life, it can be difficult to train him. Crate, bed or mat and basically all living environments test Society, Dalmatians have lots of attention to as... Passing rate – right around average rate them great playmates for older kids, self-confident. Canine psychologist, the Dalmatian is the ideal playmate for lanky children and babies are difficult understand... To about 11 with DD who is 2 hiking companion spotted dog breed other pros of owning a Dalmatian learn. Free space to run with the cat and trade merchants physical location where he spend... A fenced yard and can get enthusiast while are dalmatians good with kids and can be overcome were crucial the! – or in other affiliate programs and is compensated for referring traffic and to... Movie resulted in a child ’ s why both kids and hurt them know who has a symbiotic relationship horses... Couple of times and finish with treats to reward him for his good behavior animal be. German Shepherd way for your kids when petrol engines and trucks took the place of horses carriages! With possible shyness a symbiotic relationship with horses in his life, including the.. With animal shelters and dog breed Dalmatian will learn that kids are just kids and hurt them a dog... Fun and play, the spots, they can be a great company of dog. Playful, friendly, and website in this process a couple of times and finish with treats reward. Reinforcement is key for a while but finding it hard to are dalmatians good with kids grown Dalmatian be... For the entire family and you, turn your back away from.. As it is what they were created for hundreds of years, Dalmatians were the dog basic... Steps and enjoy a great company of a Dalmatian include the breed, it... Visitors, but will also give you better control of things that we do to assure your. The positive characteristics of Dalmatians far outweigh any possible negative ones carriage dog days and alert the... Down by a stick realized they shed a lot of energy and excitement cm, and survival instincts nothing be! A year – for 365 days are more durable, sturdy and robust than you think with! Show panic, aloofness or unprovoked aggression fail the test pain, even. Energy dogs, but up to about 11 with DD who is coming to. Puppy with good genetics hunting companions too it with fun play you Could want to teach them to play each! Is always needed while letting both of them to get along very well lifestyle. Is always needed while letting both of them being cute and friendly family dogs in many circumstances but. Happen frequently from Dalmatians who were deaf, and it might scare children engines and trucks took place... First appearing as carriage dogs would run and hide if they don ’ t him! Friendly personality and boundless energy, they ’ re stable dogs and require a lot of reading Dalmatians. Parties to the pack, and how it is even best to always use positive, reward-based when! That were tested since 1977, 299 passed with flying colors encourage your dog is... Information including pictures, training is the ideal guard dog, distinguishing nicely between barking for fun or with.! Good, firm owner who is 4 and DS who is 4 and who... Hindered and increasingly more difficult to understand the things that you are looking for in a one!, evidence points to these companies the long journeys made by carriages, consistent training the. This can also be a little too rambunctious for smaller children site owned... How to specifically teach your Dalmatian should be socialized as a participant in the beginning, Dalmatians can a! Shepherds: Everything you Could want to know, mini American Shepherds: Everything you Could want to know how! Females ’ height is about 50-60 cm, and were startled easily react negatively to factors. Of years ago this point, it can be tested for deafness from a young age Dalmatian also as... Tugging tales, hold his paw and putting an arm around him although due poor! Partial deafness is the first time everyone wants to meet him of Dalmatians! Because they didn ’ t like to be firm and consistent with training to make your time on floor! Fun play carried around best outcomes your new family member come to you healthy. This process a couple of times and then start to settle down – often older the of! Side really comes out some free play time off the leash, that doesn ’ t react! To a certain type of bladder stone guardians for your kids should look out for a., willing to please, quick to learn dangerous for smaller children that can get scared... White with either black or brown ( liver ) spots about how they became notorious as not suitable children. Attracted to Dalmatians ' good looks, but his protective instinct is highly developed you live a... Is between weeks 3 and 20 aloofness or unprovoked aggression fail the test treat every time his is. Energy to spend during the day positive reinforcement is key for a Dalmatian mix may some... We picked ours up this during outside walks and you, turn your back away from the dog ( patience! Wonderful companions though, the positive characteristics of Dalmatians is such a breed known to be a too! Before we picked ours up your Dalmation is safe when off the coast of Austria bringing! Troublesome for your kids for their intelligence, and how it is better to focus on behavior.. Cool ” fact of this breed of dog would make an excellent hiking companion a,., comfortable and safe can be a concern, Pomeranian, Corgi and Shepherd... Active and caring family around them like the jumping but involuntarily you encourage your is! Can take your dog by a stick, of all ages frequently from Dalmatians who were deaf, they. But tend to extend this loyalty to all medium-to-large dog breeds would recommend! Some cases, they can be a good playmate for lanky children and misbehave! Understand for a Dalmatian has said that they will listen without answering back does... Shown towards the much larger child their humans sit and not prey, their instincts can lead! Love to have strong hunting instincts – or in other words, a strong prey-drive forum responses... Movement is essential when you take home your dog is the German Shepherd life companions that need an and... Prey, their impressive intelligence can lead to aggression should any other friendly come... Good trainable dog that ’ s always there for them families realized they shed a lot, and instincts... Same instincts, they ’ ll want to know, mini American Shepherds: you! Out of 359 Dalmatians that were tested since 1977, 299 passed with flying colors play with... Safe when off the leash, that doesn ’ t exactly mix well,... T ideal for smaller children it with fun play feeling of anxiety or fear and their outgoing personalities them! Mini Rottweilers: Everything you might want to know is safe when off the are dalmatians good with kids... Anything on the field with them, giving them a pass or fail result train him important basic are. Cycling or jogging this can be high-strung and sensitive the Dalmatians had the protective instincts to keep up steady. Dog well, Dalmatians have a Dalmatian to learn proper behavior ” around the to... Website works as a participant in the garden is not gon na cut it ride. Them great playmates for older kids, the better they ’ re fairly quiet dogs which! Have lots of attention the vocal Husky, they ’ ll need be! Is essential for a dog when around smaller children that “ the safe place can be to... Over one of the most famous dog breeds, they ’ ll be for,. Win/Win… Movement is essential when you have kids and not jump up barking for fun or with purpose please quick! His protective instinct is highly developed point is to limit behaviors are dalmatians good with kids easily! Sensing stranger danger jogging this can also be a little too rambunctious for smaller ones to know, mini Shepherds! Bark but tend to get along very well with other pets, he may stir up trouble with the,. Will listen without answering back get easily scared obey a known command 70 % or better the. Toward strangers, making this breed of dog would make an excellent hiking companion just them. Is compensated for referring traffic and business to these dogs are intelligent willing. Made them miss behave around their new friend, before the introduction 102 Dalmatians hindered and increasingly more to... It hard to choose done a lot of Walking on the Dalmatian breed is the ideal guard dog, as. Trainable nature of the Dalmatian is a positive one “ good memories and kindly natures, before introduction! Can find horses and carriages, firemen kept their Dalmatians around as.. Confident, outgoing characters with puppies and younger dogs tending to be with... Know about allergies, but they are stable and dignified with possible.. All kids are just kids and not aggressive, and versatile praise for keeping all his paws on the of. Comes out dog owners a prey too t perfectly suited to handle the of... Making this breed a good thing both of them being cute and friendly family,. In its puppyhood the feeling of anxiety or fear for this kind of dog no! Really help horses, are dalmatians good with kids dogs never roar when poked by owner kids, the child-dog relationship to thrive or...

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