changing rv fluorescent lights to led

You can also replace entire fixtures with LED equivalents. Depending on the fixture location, you may have 2 sets of wires coming out of the ceiling, instead of 1 of each. There are primarily three different scenarios when you have to change the RV ceiling lights. What makes things tricky is that each has their own type of base. Boondockers Welcome is like having friends and family everywhere! NIRVC, Las Vegas! If you want something in between, 3,500 to 4,500 K has warmth, without being too yellow, although they can be hard to find. The actual cover has been removed from the fixture, so you can see what is inside and what needs to be dealt with. It is a … Remove Light Bulbs. Then, you attach the red wires to one of the switch wires - either black or white. As I mentioned above, the power source of the old light is 12 Volts DC. We always dry camp and though we have a generator, we still would run our batteries down in the evening between the pump and the kids coming in and turning on the lights in our trailer. Other benefits include: 1. At only about $15 for a 5-meter (16.4 ft.) roll on Amazon, it was so inexpensive to try them out, we weren’t too worried about it! Before removing the wire nuts and taking the fixture away - note the colors of the wires and look to see if at least one of them is a match? Turns out the fixture wires in the commode room were not touching each other and were necessary to provide continuous power to the other fixture in the bathroom!!! How to Replace Dometic/A&E RV Window Awning Fabric, $1,000 Replacement RV Awning Fabric Giveaway!+ Double Discount Sale At Tough Top Awnings, Valuable Reasons Why You Need An RV Windshield Cover. Also known as "ballast compatible" or "plug and play," these are LED tubes you can literally pop into your existing fixture and you're good to go. The most important positive aspect of RV LED lights is that under normal operation they run cooler than incandescent bulbs. We'll show you how to upgrade and replace your old 12 Volt Fluorescent bulbs. Learn how your comment data is processed. When you remove the 4 screws to the fixture, it will then be lose enough to pull down and away from the ceiling. LEDs are available in a range of colors from cool to warm, which are listed as “K” ratings, which refers to the color temperature in degrees Kelvin. We actually demonstrated this installation with lights that were too cool, so we ordered warmer lights to replace them. Once the light is on, the ballast acts as a current regulator. UPDATE: Check out the new and improved ways we’ve converted our entire RV to LED. wherever we are! They are affordable, burn bright … We switched our incandescents & halogens to LEDs and now the fluorescents too. You might be able to do it in a house if you added a converter to change it from household current to 12 volts DC. A lower Kelvin figure means the … If you are planning to change RV ceiling lights from halogen to LED, you could do that. Once you have disconnected the wires of the fixture from the ceiling, lay the old fixture down on a large table or counter area so you have plenty of work space. Most light bulbs in RVs are incandescents, halogens, or fluorescent tubes. In order to fully convert your fluorescent system into a LED system, it’s important to first know your options, as well as know how to identify DOT approved LED light bulbs (the safe kinds). If you want to stay in touch while you travel (whether for personal or work reasons), then you should consider a WeBoost booster for your RV, too. There are four basic types of LED tubes. Only 6.5" long but 80smd each will produce of 50% more light than a 12" fluorescent bulb, but only uses 3w each. But since these solutions can be a lot more expensive, we prefer to look for other alternatives. How to Change Fluorescent to LED Lights . Plan to Buy LED Lights? Perfect to replace your RV's fluorescent tubes, this LED Tube model can be installed with OR without ballast, and has 120° swivel end on each side to ajust the light direction according to your preferences. On other ones, we found that 2 LED fixtures were sufficient. This is one of the top LED replacement bulbs available. Once the fixture is back installed, you just push the toggle the opposite way to make the light come on or off!!! The fixture is now ready to be tested before it is installed. Install the LED light tubes in place of the fluorescents in the fixtures. LED Lighting has really boomed in the RV Industry. This will help you decide if you’d rather have the lighting be warmer white, pure white, or cooler white. DO NOT REMOVE the Switch Wires. The actual cover has been removed from the fixture, so you can see what is inside and what needs to be dealt with. Just squeeze it and it will come right out. So, in the above picture, you cut all the wires attached to the right tube holders - 2 from the ballast assembly and the loop wire from 1 holder to the other. Before changing your RV bulb, you should determine its right time. For technical specifications and additional information, see below. So, all you want to do is color match your wires from the switch to the LED lights. One big difference between RV LED lights and incandescent bulbs is heat build-up. Here’s a handy guide provided by M4 Products that you can use to determine what type of base is on each of your rig’s bulbs . I did not have to stuff the wiring and wire-nuts back into the hole in the ceiling. Close up the ballast panels and replace the acrylic cover. Get safe, free and legal RV parking on private property… plus you can save 15% on your initial membership with coupon code “RVGEEKS15”! And when you do… click the notification “bell” so you’ll get alerted when we upload new videos! Our WeBoost Drive 4G-X cellular booster, with the 4G-OTR Spring-Mount antenna (watch our install video), is what keeps us connected (so we can upload more videos!) Make sure that the end of the LED lamps marked with an “L” connect to the live end of your fixture. If you plan to order LED 12v bulbs to replace the current bulbs in your RV light fixtures, you may want to consider ordering a few different options so you can test the color temperatures. It's easy! All you will be doing is exchanging the type of light used in this fixture from the old style tube to the new style LED source. We'll show you how to convert your RV's fluorescent bulbs to LEDs. One of the quickest ways to upgrade the look of your RV and give it a more modern appearance is to switch your incandescent, halogen, or fluorescent bulbs to LEDs. How to Keep Invasive Mice Out of Your RV, For Good. On the other hand, an LED driver converts the high voltage AC to low voltage DC. Only recently has the technology been converted for use in RVs. Check out our Favorite Gear page, where you’ll find our personal choices for great RVing gear. Replacement (plug and play) Type A. ©2010-2021 ~ ~ SiteMap ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Privacy Policy, RV Parking | Backing up | Tips and Tricks. Decorate the interior of your RV with decorative interior lighting fixtures including art deco style fixtures and classic brass wall lights. Lots of wiring and the ballast aren't needed in the new version. If you are going to replace fluorescent light with LED lighting you must take into consideration the color temperature. Just touch the 2 switch wires to the corresponding color wires coming out of the ceiling. I would remove the 2 old energy sucking fluorescent bulbs first. All the black wires are attached to the black wires of each LED. LED bulbs have come down in price over recent years, making it an even easier decision to upgrade your lights. White switch wire to white ceiling wire? They were cut at the ballast itself. A 4-lamp 4-foot fixture can go from what you have now (about 7200 lumens in LED terms, or the equivalent of replacing a fixture that has four brand new fluorescent tubes with four 1800-lumen LED tubes) to nearly twice as bright (about 12,000 lumens with four 3000-lumen LED tubes), depending on the lumen rating of your LED replacement tube. Would love your thoughts, please comment. RV camper LED lighting is a change you should make if you have the old halogen bulbs in your RV. Be sure all the wires coming out of the ceiling are attached to each other!! Whether you need Rv light bulbs or Rv fixtures you know that we will have them for you. In my particular ceilings and cabinet bottoms, the fixture and the large wire-nuts could go on top of the fixture itself. It just fits in slots on the fixture. Turn the lights on to test them. To avoid any hassle, you must update your fluorescent fixture into LED lights. Great video !! Most of the lights in your RV are incandescent bulbs or halogens. 99 So, on the above I have each red wire of the 3 LED's attached to all the red wires. LED strip lights are an inexpensive replacement for fluorescent tubes, and really versatile too, since they’re designed to be cut to length. Before we start, please remember that electrical projects aren’t for everyone. These days it is possible to find LED lights that will replace every single light in your RV. or dark to dark? I took his excellent writeup and added some edits. My 2007 Revolution came with (10) 18″ 2 bulb florescent light fixtures throughout the coach. Thin Lite 12 Volt LED - Fluorescent Lights and Bulbs on Sale -Fast shipping and Great Prices! LEDs are much less likely to burn you or catch fire, so in this regard, they are … Once you get that "concept" in your head - the rest is easy!! With the right type of LED replacement bulbs installed, you can really reduce the amount of electricity needed for your RV - especially if you boondock! Even though our RV came equipped with some fairly energy efficient fluorescent lighting, LED lights are the reigning champs of miserly power consumption, using about a third the power of a fluorescent. LED Bulbs Are Safer. It will still be a 12 Volt DC system you are using - just exchanging the long tubes for cooler, energy efficient LEDs. As discussed above, we are just replacing the "bulbs" for a more efficient type. Then you want to remove the 4 screws that are holding the fixture to the ceiling or bottom of your cabinets. Their attaching ends may be plain or have a plug that you may be able to use? Just remove the old fluorescent tubes and replace them with the new LED tubes. OK - now we have to pay attention!! Kohree 12V LED RV Interior Lighting. Since LED lights … Sometimes, you might think of changing the bulbs regularly, but that is not needed. If you’re not comfortable working with electricity, hire a professional! When that is removed, you are now ready to wire-up the new lights and shouldn't have any of the old Ballast wires anywhere. I just used a flat head screw driver to pry it off the rivets on each end. Shop Camping World today! The general range of color runs from about 6,000 to 7,000 K (very cold blue cast) to about 2,500 to 3,500 K, which is much warmer, with a yellow cast similar to an incandescent light. They just take a little extra effort. lol. RV-Insight ~ Sioux Falls, SD 57104 View our entire LED video playlist here. Energy Efficient:LED lights use roughly 10% of the power that standard RV lights consume. Doesn't matter - you just want to be sure to match up your colors again when you re-install the fixture later. The new types will NOT use the Ballast Assembly nor the wires to and from the tube holders. The wires from the ceiling will be grouped if it is coming from another fixture as well. The simplest is for incandescent lights, where you can purchase a direct plug-in replacement for an existing bulb. The Safest, Most Secure RV Storage We’ve Ever Seen! But the installation we showed is only for 12-volt systems. Get 15 months of membership for the cost of 12 when you sign up today! Clear lens dimmable 12 inches LED tube with 24 SMD 2835 LEDs, for 12V DC installation. Carefully examine the switch side of the fixture. replace your RV fluorescent lights with led light strips (Note: A reader sent me how he converted his fluorescent lights. The thing about LED lights, however, is that you are never going to have to pull a light out of the socket and replace it with a new one. No need for ballast. F15T8 LED Replacement 18" Tube Light 12-30V Automotive RV Marine,7Watt 5500K White,Rotatable End Caps,for F15T8 cw Fluorescent Bulbs,4Packs (12V-18inch-5500K) 4.2 out of 5 stars 123 $59.99 $ 59 . The fixture fit fine. Our extensive styles of RV lighting include: Rv awning light,bunk lights, ceiling and wall lights, decorative Rv lighting, exterior lighting, fluorescent lighting, interior lights, L.E.D. Types of LED Tube Lights. So, perhaps only remove 1 fixture at a time!?!? The GOAL is to attach whatever number of LED fixtures you have with a consistent color coding. It will have similar wiring going from the ballast to the 2 tube holders, as well as "extra" wires coming from the switch itself. Only 6.5" long but 80smd each will produce of 50% more light than a 12" fluorescent bulb, but only uses 3w each. Remember that as you look this over. The old type "Ballast" cover needs to be removed. Then you attach all the Black LED wires to the opposite switch wire. LED Bulb for replacement of 12" T-5 fluorescent tube, 39 Diode $12.91 $45.99. The variety of options makes switching to this energy efficient type of lighting as easy as changing a light bulb. If you have an RV that is even just a few years old, you might notice that the light covers are yellowing, and on older RV models you’ll probably discover that the heat from the incandescent bulbs has burned through the covering. The 12 Days of RV Christmas $5,000+ Giveaway! The new fixture when completed will also be 12 Volt DC - and incredibly "neater". 12V LED Lights for Inside a Cargo Trailer There are many 12V LED lights which are available for the inside of a cargo trailer. On the above light, we found that 2 just wasn't quite enough, we needed 3. Since we are going to be removing the ballast in the next step, you want to also cut all the wires from the ballast to the tube holders. It might take some trial and error to find exactly what you like best. Set up & customize your perfect lighting system with our stock of RV LED bulbs. PPL RV Parts Superstore. Look for “dimmable” on the LED tube packaging when dimming is required. A recent product on the market has solved this issue, however, according to Joseph Brignolo, inventor of Cabin Bright, and LED replacement for the fluorescent tubes in your existing 12- or 18-inch 12 volt DC fixture. We suggest skewing toward “warm” as very cool LED light is similar to very cool fluorescent light, in that it can make your RV seem like a laboratory. He changed all of our Fluorescent bulbs out to LED light strips! RV'ing - Fun, Freedom & Adventure - Isn't That What Living is Supposed To Be? After all the supplies the change out only cost around $40, money well spent. Most direct drop-in replacements work with one or two of these but not all, so you need to make sure you know what kind of ballast … LEDs, or light emitting diodes, have been around for well over 60 years. Before we talk more about how to use the fluorescent to LED conversion kits, let’s first understand the basic ways to convert lighting systems. Catch us on The RVers on Discovery (US), PBS, AppleTV, Amazon Video, Fun Roads TV, Destination America, Wild Pursuit Network (Canada), Google Play, Xbox & YouTubeTV! I would remove the 2 old energy sucking fluorescent bulbs first. Easy to install, simply disconnect 12v from your fluorescent ballast and connect it to LEDs directly ( no ballast needed). How To Connect a BBQ Grill to an RV’s Onboard Pro... How To Drive an RV: Mirror Adjustment & Lane Contr... How to Replace RV Patio Awning Fabric – Dometic A&E – New EASIER Method. Since you can barely see the switch icon to know technically if it is "on" or "off", we didn't care which wire did which. Fluorescent lights use quite a bit of power and have a somewhat frequent failure rate as compared to other types of lighting. If all good and it lights up, reinstall the fixture to the ceiling and you are all done!!! Start installing your new LED lamps. Thanks for the comment, Richard. Well, maybe. When you do this, you'll notice the 4 wires coming from the tube holders and the 2 wires from the switch - total of 6. I panicked when one of the fixtures in the bathroom wouldn't work when I did the switch to LED. Today we show you how to convert a 12-volt fluorescent fixture into low-power LED lighting. Gear, Mods & Upgrades : Electrical | Systems & Operation : Electrical & Batteries | Gear, Mods & Upgrades : Favorite Gear & Discounts | Gear, Mods & Upgrades : LED Lighting | 2 |. You will still have the 2 wires from the on/off switch though - a white and a black wire. Save $33.08 (72% Off) Add to Cart 6 pack of LED bulbs for all 1141 applications, Soft White $56.99 $63.49. And now you can save 10% on your order with Discount Code “RVGEEKS“! Again, until you've done your first one, take a picture of it, in the original look of the wires. Order online today. Even 12-volt power requires extra caution in this case, since the capacitor in a fluorescent light ballast stores energy even after the power has been disconnected. Easy to install, simply disconnect 12v from your fluorescent ballast and connect it to LEDs directly (no ballast needed). We were so tired of paying close to $10 per light and it burning out very quickly, not to mention the fact that it was fluorescent lighting as well! Thanks Jerry!) This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The LED fixtures will have 2 wires coming off the fixture. The Ultimate RV Show 10 Week National Tour begins NOW! Being frequent boondockers (for the uninitiated, that’s camping without hook-ups), we’re always looking for ways to conserve resources. Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress. The first thing you need to know is that there are three kinds of fluorescent fixtures: magnetic (inductive) ballast, electronic ballast, and instant-start ballast. The above picture shows the tubes removed and ready to work on it. Depending on the type of intensity and sizing and the amount of actual light you want for that particular light placement, will determine how many LED "fixtures" you install. In addition to subscribing above, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel, too (if you haven’t already)! Anyways this is the after photo without the cover on it! This helps prevent drain on your batteries, and allows you to enjoy yo… Can this same technique be used on a four foot flur using house current? Will replace T8 18" and T5 12" Fluorescent bulbs (18" housings can accept 4 led lights for extra brightness). If it doesn't light up, turn the switch to the opposite toggle and it should. is our #1 resource for when we’re looking for a free place to stop for the night! Any careless attitude towards the cutting of wires, so to say, can ruin the whole wiring system and hence messing up everything. Amazing how many times I have referred to a picture I took before removal of something!! Uses the existing fluorescent ballast and light fixture wiring. It will have 2 wires from the fixture that are attached with "wire-nuts" to the 12 Volt DC power wires coming from the ceiling of the RV. If you need to make your motorhome more efficient, has LED interior lights that will give you a boost in both light and efficiency. The process is a simple one but you have to be careful enough while working with the instrument. Readers words are in italics. If your not 100% sure of what wires are what, you can/should cut ALL wires that are attached to the left side of the ballast - right at the ballast area. MOTORHOME MODIFICATION - Changing Old 12 Volt Lights to New LED Puck Lights Now his newest project is to take all of the fluorescent Thin Lite fixtures, remove the fluorescent guts and ballast, and add 12 volt LED strip lighting to each one. Test before buying in Bulk. If you have 2 or more fixtures removed from the ceiling, be sure those wires from each "open" fixture hole in the ceiling are all touching. Consider attaching a cautionary lighting … Twist cap connector included. Color temperature measurement is in Kelvin (K) and most colors range from 2500 to 6500k. or best, if your not sure - take a quick picture on your phone. The Ballast Assembly can now be removed out of your way, so you can install the new LED lights in replacement. There are LOTS of ways to convert RV lights from incandescent (halogen is most common) or fluorescent to LED. Just as you did on the right side, cut and remove the tube holder wires right at the tube holders. With the right type of LED replacement bulbs installed, you can really reduce the amount of electricity needed for your RV - especially if you boondock! If the light fixtures you’re replacing have old style bulbs in them then odds are … Understand that the ballast is responsible for providing a fluorescent lamp with an initial spike of high voltage.

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